Courses offered 1 : Master of BIOTECHNOLOGY
Eligibility: B Sc Degree in Biotechnology with not less than with 55% marks
Number of seats available: 20
The scope of the course:: Biotechnology is basically a research oriented field that is combines biology and technology. A post Graduate in biotechnology can proceed his academic carrier as a researcher and scientist in various National and International universities and research institutions. Also he can work as Research associate, Research fellow, Technologist, Scientific assistant, Scientific officer, Specialist subject expert, Intellectual property manager, Patent officer, Quality control analyst etc. in Government and non-governmental organizations.

Carrier opportunities : Different types of career opportunities are available for a biotechnologist in various fields of life science such as Medical, agriculture. Veterinary, Pharmacology, Bioprocess, Environmental science, Plant science, Animal science, Food science, Dairy industry etc. There are also immense opportunities of self employment for a postgraduate with entrepreneurial interests, in the above mentioned branches of science.

Courses offered 2 :  Bachelor of Biotechnology
Eligibility : Plus 2 Science or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry & Biology
Number of seats available:30
The scope of the course: The course provides a sound academic base in life science and eligibility for higher studies in various branches of life science such as Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Environmental science, Genetics, Immunology, Genetic engineering, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics etc. There are academic and employment possibilities in other fields such as Management, Software development and applications, Drug development etc.

Carrier opportunities : Careers in biotechnology are varied and rewarding. The following is a list of career opportunities in biotechnology. They are green house associate, plant breeder, clinical research assistant, manufacturing technician, quality control analyst, validation technician, market research analyst, , patent agent etc. with a basic knowledge in biotechnology a graduate can successfully venture into various fields of self employment such as Mushroom cultivation, Wine production, Biofertilizers and Biopesticide, Vermicomposting, Tissue culture, Plant breeding etc.

Infrastructure of the Department : Well furnished class rooms with LCD facilities. The department has a well equipped wet laboratory that caters the academic needs of the graduate and post graduate students. The laboratory is also equipped with facilities for conducting various small research projects. The department has a well furnished library with academic and reference books of various branches of life sciences. The department has tie up with internationally renowned Non-governmental organizations.

Extra curricular activities under the Department : Maintaining a herbal garden with more than 250 species of medicinal plants and green house. Training programmes in Mushroom cultivation, Vermi-composting, Wine production, Tissue culture etc. The department also conducts pollution monitoring studies on various water sources of this locality.

Future Plan : Students Association Programs, Different level Training Programs for Faculties, Students and communities, Collaboration programmes with different Universities